CII National Council on Water

Water touches every aspect of development. It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is also linked with nearly every Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Meeting the increasing water needs from urbanization, industrialization and agriculture for all-inclusive growth, especially in a situation of increasing water stress and climate variability, is a major concern today. Increasing variability in water availability, regional droughts, urban floods, depleting and deteriorating surface and groundwater sources, wastewater generation etc., are adding to water stress felt by each stakeholder on day-to-day basis.

Considering the above, CII has formed a National Council on Water (NCW) comprising leading companies from varied industry sectors. NCW is a high-level Stakeholders’ Forum to steer the policy advocacy and capacity building work of CII in water sector. The Council through multi-stakeholder engagement with Government and industry aims to create awareness and promote innovative and cost-effective technology solutions and best practices for industry to promote sustainable and efficient use of water resource.

Over the years NCW has been working extensively on different policy issues, solutions and strategies concerning water security, water & wastewater management and has been representing them to Government. The council has secured significant thought leadership and has made tangible impact in the water policy spheres.

The CII NCW is currently being chaired by Mr Rajesh Sharma, CMD, Ion Exchange (India) Limited

1. Terms of Reference of NCW

The Terms of Reference of NCW are as follows

To promote sustainable and efficient use of water resources.
To work towards an enabling and conducive policy and regulatory framework to help India achieve water security.
To take up issues of concern and share industry perspectives on water related matters.
To create awareness and promote best practices on optimizing water use and wastewater management.
To recognize and acknowledge the efforts of industries through a rating system.
To promote emerging and innovative cost-effective technologies to address the challenges of waste-water management.
To serve as a point of reference for Water Sector in the country.
To complement the efforts of government towards paradigm shift in water resource management.
To help build capacity and capabilities of the industry in Water Sector
To advise the National Council of CII on issues and developments in the Water Sector.

2. Core Groups Under NCW

To take forward the agenda of NCW in a focused manner, four dedicated core groups (CG) have been constituted

Core Group on Development of Benchmarks for select Industrial Sectors

Chaired by Mr Sanjay Singh, Group Head - Paper & Packaging, ITC PSPD, ITC Paper Boards & Specialty Paper Division, the objective of the core group is to conduct a benchmarking study and develop a holistic rating for industry which would assess the performance of the industry in an integrated manner system and support them in optimizing their water use efficiency.

Core Group on Development of Model Water Policy for State Governments

Chairedby Mr Ananya Singhal, Joint MD, Secure Meters Ltd., the objective is to develop a Model Policy for States focusing on an integrated approach towards sustainable water resource planning and development.

Core Group on Promotion of New and Cutting-edge Technology for Wastewater Management

Chaired by Mr. Ajay Popat, President, IEL,the objective of the core group is to identify wastewater technologies for various industrial sectors that are scalable, commercially viable and sustainable.

Core Group on Urban Water Management

Core Group on Urban Water Management is Co-Chaired by Mr. Sanjiv Paul, Vice President - Safety, Health & Sustainability, Tata Steel Limited and Mr. N K Ranganath, Member, Advisory Group, CII water Institute. The key objective is to propagate an integrated approach towards urban water management.

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