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CII National Water Awards for Excellence in Water Management

CII National Awards for Excellence in Water Management has been recognizing industry for its contribution in making a Water Secure World - be it through their operations, innovations, or CSR activities.

For over a decade, CII–National Awards for Excellence in Water Management has been celebrating and awarding good and innovative water conservation & management practices undertaken by industries from varied sectors.

Since inception, these Awards have recognized over 550 industries – both public and private, for their initiatives towards Efficient Water Management.

Why to Apply

Get recognised and awarded for “Innovation and Excellence” in the field of water resource management
Knowledge sharing and peer learning of good water management practices adopted by participating companies
Interact & network with individuals and companies from diverse sectors
Identify strengths and opportunities to excel in Water Management
Get featured in CII Publication which is exclusively shared with eminent decision makers in the country
Get comprehensive
assessment report

Categories of Awards

Within the Fence

The award recognises companies who have done well with respect to improving water use efficiency and have an integrated approach for wastewater management system which includes recycle, recovery and reuse of industrial effluents

Beyond the Fence

The award recognises work done by the company at watershed level with communities for improving state of water resources, along with enhancing opportunities for livelihoods and socio-economic development including any other CSR activities related to water.

Innovative Water Saving Product

The award recognises companies involved in manufacture of water efficient equipment or products, which have an impact on water management, either by reducing freshwater consumption or enhancing wastewater recycling/ reuse and recovery.

Note: MSMEs are encouraged to apply under any category. They will be assessed & compared with other MSMEs.

Eligibility Criteria

• Public and private Industry across all sectors and scale.

• Operating units will be considered under the appropriate category based on the corporate turnover, irrespective of the
   turnover of the units applied.

Awards Process

The Awards adhere to a transparent and rigorous assessment process that includes 3 levels of scrutiny and verification. The results of each assessment are reviewed by a pre-eminent Jury, comprising of former bureaucrats, representatives of government, industry and academia at two stages before arriving at the final decision.

Stage 1

  • Receiving Application of Intent

  • Receiving filled in questionnaire from the applicant

Stage 2

  • Evaluation of the application

  • Jury to decide on the applications qualifying for next level assessment

Stage 3
Assessment & Verification

  • Validation of information from all stakeholders & beneficiaries*

  • Presentation by shortlisted companies before the jury

  • Jury to decide on winners

Stage 4
Awards presentation

  • Select few participants to make a presentation at the CII International Water Innovation Summit

  • CII Water Award Ceremony

*Site Visit may be conducted for Specific shortlisted companies for ground verification of the information provided in the application. This will be decided on a case-to-case basis as per jury’s discretion.

CII through National Awards on Water has been spearheading a major movement towards encouraging industry to adopt best practices in water and wastewater management both within the fence and beyond the fence. It catalyses a desirable change in mindsets and behaviours of industry in their approach to manage water both holistically and futuristically.
Dr Anil K Kakodkar
Chief of Jury
Cll National Awards for Excellence in Water Management
Chancellor, Homi Bhabha National Institute and Chairman
Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission

Past Winners

For any clarifications or information
please contact Water Awards Team
Priya Narula
Associate Counsellor
priya.narula@cii.in, +91 -9654567297
Abhay Kumar Yadav
Associate Counsellor
abhay.yadav@cii.in, +91 - 9990905508