CII National Water Awards for Excellence in Water Management

With the aim of raising awareness levels, promoting Excellence in Water Management, and recognising best practices, CII - Water Institute in partnership with its stakeholders & knowledge partners, has actively been involved in disseminating good practices for replication and
scale - up.

CII confers National Awards for Excellence in Water Management to honour organizations for pre-eminence in the field of water resource management, raise awareness on sustainable success and instill a “sense of competition” to inspire and motivate water users to achieve excellence in Water management. The awards inspire the industry to move forward through improved operating performance, innovative technology adoption.

In 2019, 68 applications were received from diverse sectors under various Award categories. Of these applicants, 39 were shortlisted for the next level of scrutiny, i.e. site assessment and verification. To recognize the exemplary & innovative Water Management work being undertaken by industry and to encourage others to follow suit, 16 companies were awarded during the summit. Limited number of applications are accepted to maintain strong competition and high standards of excellence.

Uniqueness of the Awards

Over a period of four months, the applications undergo a rigorous assessment process adjudged by
eminent Jury based on evaluation tools.

Evaluation of applications would be done remotely through data analytics & virtual meetings
A feedback to every applicant is provided to help the organisations get insights to improve their
performance in water & wastewater management.

Categories of Awards

• Within the Fence

Includes the companies who have done extremely well, with respect to improving water use efficiency and have a robust wastewater management system which includes recycle and reuse of industrial effluents.

• Beyond the Fence

Includes work done by the company at Community Level for improving state of water resources along with the impacts on livelihood and socio-economic development of the region.

• Innovative Water Saving Product

Includes companies involved in manufacture of water efficient equipment or products, which have an impact on water management, either by reducing fresh water consumption or enhancing recycling by improving treated water quality.


Recognizes exemplary work undertaken by MSMEs in the domain of water and wastewater management.

• “Special Category” - Water for containing COVID - 19

Recognizes Water led efforts and strategies that have made a difference on the ground at the community level by way of promoting social distancing, access to safe drinking water & safe sanitation etc.


• National recognition for commitment towards water conservation
• Learn about the best practices adopted by best performing companies in the country
• Replicate strategies adopted by participating companies to enhance operational performance leading to enormous water savings
• Interact & network with individuals and companies of repute
• Identify strengths and opportunities to excel, based on a comprehensive and rigorous assessment by CII-Assessors

Process of screening of the Water Awards consists of 3 levels:

Level 1 Application

• Receiving Application of Intent

• Receiving filled application document from the applicant

Level 2 Screening

• Evaluation of the application by the Expert Team of CII - Water Institute

• Jury meeting to decide on the applications qualifying for next level assessment

• Feedback to applicants who could not qualify for next level assessment

Level 3 Remote assessment through data analytics & virtual meetings

• Discussions & clarifications on data gaps by the team of assessors with the participants

• Presentation by shortlisted companies before the jury over virtual platform

• Jury meeting to decide on winners

Level 4 Awards presentation

• Winners to make a presentation at the 6th CII International Water Innovation Summit

• CII Water Award Ceremony

Each year, the coveted National Awards for Excellence in Water Management are presented to the Winners in the presence of Ministers, Diplomats from various Countries and Industries from various sectors, at the CII Water Innovation Summit.