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Training and capacity building
Skill development is integral for adjusting more effectively to day-to-day operational challenges and utilizing emerging opportunities across industries in managing water and wastewater. Skills need to be honed starting right at the initial rung of workers (operators/ managers) to ensure smooth operations in any industry. CII-Triveni Water Institute (CII-TWI) seeks, “to transform water conservation and management in India by changing the mindset and behavior of stakeholders resulting in more effective and sustainable water management practices at the grassroots level”, embarked on the Mission of Training, Education and Capacity building initiative, with the intent of enhancing knowledge, creating awareness and building capacities across industries in the area of water and wastewater management.

Target sectors: The focus of CII-TWI training and capacity building group is to reach out to atleast 10000 personnel in the next two years in the industry and municipal sectors working on water and wastewater management. The focus emerges from existing interface between industry and municipal sectors and complement each other on the utilization of treated wastewater in place of freshwater.

The training sessions intend to help raise awareness amongst plant personnel besides enabling buy-in and adoption of strategies for saving water.
A systematic and universally accepted methodology is adopted while designing training courses. The following steps are recommended:
1. Assessment of job descriptions/functions and the training needs of the participants.
2. Identification of job profile and developing the job description for the target group
3. Development of learning objective/s for the target group
4. Preparing the roadmap in consultation with the management team
5. Customization of existing modules according to the specific requirements
The training makes use of the various Training tools developed (such as magnetic slides, informative cards etc.) to train the ETP and plant operators responsible for water and wastewater management.
Such training initiatives have built capacities of around 3000 plant operating personnel across industries.

Expertise with CII-TWI
The occupational mapping would be undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team comprising hydrologists, water resource engineers, chemical engineers, environmental engineer, economists, Master of Business Administration, environment managers, water quality expert.

● Innovative methods, simplisied approaches adopted for training.
● Use of state-of-the-art tools, instruments, and techniques that include magnetic slides, presentations,
    videos, group work/role play, sample calculations, demonstration of procedures/methods,
    case studies and tests.
● Use of magnetic slides at CII-TWI training programs.
● Experienced faculty.
● Participants receive a certificate after completion of the Training Session.

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