Promoting Water Use Efficiency

CII Water Institute partnered with USAID India on a comprehensive study that addressed promotion of water use efficiency across urban sectors in a climate variable and uncertain scenario.

The study was done in three cities - Jaipur, Faridabad & Pune and it focused on:

❯ An ecosystem approach for water use efficiency in industry, municipality and buildings: challenges and way forward

❯ Explore successful business models for industry-municipality interface

❯ National and international good practices on efficient water management across urban sectors

Assessment Results

❯ 20%-30% of demand-supply gap can be reduced through simple low cost demand-side interventions such as water pressure management, active leak control, pipelines, asset management, and awareness generation.
❯ 20%-30% reduction is achievable by low-to-medium cost interventions such as efficient faucets and fixtures, recycling treated wastewater and water for the same application, measurements and control through digital instrumentation, and landscaping.
❯ Medium-to-high cost interventions can further enhance water use efficiency that requires management decisions for strategic investments.

Project Partners