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Conference on Making our Cities “Smart”: The Water – Urban Connect
25 August 2015, New Delhi

The Conference aimed to bring together the entire stakeholders to highlight the need for participatory governance for managing the shared resource – water, in a scientific and efficient manner keeping in mind the needs of all users.

Focus Areas
• Conceptualizing a framework for smart cities : Water and wastewater management
• Sustainable practices & strategies for improving water use efficiency
• Cities in context of their watershed (Participatory governance for managing the shared resource)

Key Recommendations from the Conference
• A city cannot be truly smart without smart water infrastructure. There’s an urgent need for upgrading India's water infrastructure with innovative and smarter technology.
• The reliability, financial sustainability and affordability of water supply and wastewater treatment services need urgent improvement. Key steps need to be taken by various stakeholders to improve the situation.
• A key objective of water policy should be to sustainably use this vital resource and manage the national water sources. Sustainability requires the efficient use of water.
• Water is being treated as a free commodity which should be treated as an economic commodity.
• The conference touched upon the need for a well-planned policy framework to govern the smart cities.
• Water infrastructure management starts with small solutions that increase flexibility towards accessibility of water resources and affordability.
• In a world that is becoming increasingly automated, the water sector needs to adopt technology to enhance distribution efficiency.

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