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Session on Water Resource Management through Efficient and Innovative Solutions for Asia and Europe
27th February 2015, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Focus Areas
Water Resource Management through Efficient & Innovative Solutions for Asia & Europe

Key Recommendations from the Conference and Session
• A holistic and integrated approach needs to be pursued for sustainable economic growth
• ASEM member countries must explore a strategy for demonstrating technology transfer to improve the water usage efficiency in agriculture, industries and domestic sectors.
• Competing demands from various sector makes Integrated Water Management extremely important.
• The tangible cooperation between ASEM member countries can bring about a desired change in water resource management.
• Economic growth and water management is interlinked and water management should shift from supply to demand side management.
• Innovative business model in the context of watershed is recommended. Water governance should focus on innovation where proper and appropriate financing model would encourage private sector participation.
• Since Asia and Europe represent 60% of the world population and contribute to the world GDP, a project proposal based on a successful project in water use efficiency in India through innovative partnership between ASEM member countries should be explored.

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