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National Conference on “Innovative Water Management Strategies towards Enhancing Competitiveness of the Pulp & Paper Industry”
9th June 2016, New Delhi

The event was organised with an objective to create awareness towards increasingly advanced treatment technologies, including innovative strategies geared towards water reuse and resource recovery for Pulp and Paper manufacturers for wastewater management

Focus Areas
• Panel Discussion on issues and challenges for safe discharge of wastewater for Pulp and Paper sector
• Innovative practices for reducing water usage in the manufacturing applications with focus on 3 Rs (Reduce, Recycle & Reuse)
• Sustainable Interventions & Essential Technologies for wastewater management in Pulp & Paper sector

Key Recommendations from the Conference
• The challenges in the Pulp and Paper sector will get intensified in the next ten years hence the industry needs to act today.
• Pulp and Paper Industry has made great efforts in best water use practices and water consumption has been significantly reduced in the last two decades.
• There is a need for effective implementation of CPCB charter for water use in the Pulp and Paper sector.
• Consumption of water is the primary focus for the growth of this sector towards which many efforts are being made with the use of 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
• There is an urgent need for this sector to work in mission mode for the effective and judicious consumption of water in this sector, CPCB has drafted the National Charter which focuses on participatory approach and technology upgradation.
• The Charter for Water use in the Pulp and Paper sector also lays emphasis on the TDS and color contamination aspects which the sector should adhere to.

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