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Conference on “Enhancing Water use Efficiency & Competitiveness of the Auto Sector”
6 February 2016, New Delhi

The conference aimed to bring together all the stakeholders to highlight the need for a paradigm shift in approach from development to efficient management by making concerted efforts to achieve higher standards of efficiency of water use in the Auto Sector.

Focus Areas
‘Road Ahead with Effective Strategies and Case Studies’

Gradually transform the technological face of the Indian Auto sector to achieve international benchmarks with a long term perspective through sustainable practices.

Key Recommendations from the Conference
• Need to establish an identity with respect to Watershed where one belongs.
• There is a need to evolve norms to ensure efficient water use.
• Encourage the CSR initiatives towards groundwater sustainability by artificial recharge and rainwater harvesting.
• Need to promote sustainable development of groundwater.
• Need to promote watershed as the unit of planning.
• Goal setting for Reuse, Recycle and Recovery should be done.

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