CII National Water Awards for Excellence in Water Management

Recognizing Innovations, Disseminating Good Practices in Water Management

CII Water Institute in partnership with national (Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, National Water Mission), and international organizations (GIZ,USAID) has actively been involved in disseminating good practices for replication and scale-up.

CII confers Water Awards for Excellence in Water Management to notable initiatives by organizations on water resource management adjudged by an eminent Jury based on evaluation tools and techniques and site verification.


• To recognize and Award “Innovation and Excellence” in Water Management
• To facilitate sharing of information on water efficient practices
• Instil a "sense of competition" to motivate water users (Industries to begin with) to achieve excellence in Water management


The process of selection of awardees under the new format follows world class procedures (evaluation tools and techniques that also make use of satellite information) and has in place a robust methodology which includes site verification.

The new process of screening of the Water Awards consists of 3 levels:

Level 1

Where Companies are to
be shortlisted based on
the questionnaire analysis by
the Expert Team of CII Water Institute
through gap analysis.


Level 2

Undertakes screening
of the shortlisted
applications using
dynamic water
evaluation tools


Level 3

Undertakes a granular level of screening followed by site visits for ground verifications and discussions with community and state/district government departments (e.g., if any litigation was filed, overall water related reputation etc). The Verification process is strengthened by making use of state-of-art tools having a world-class reputation.

Shortlisted companies, finally recommended by the Jury, are invited to make a presentation at the International Water Innovation Summit which witnesses participation of industries from all sectors. The panel of judges select the best from amongst the shortlisted companies for consideration of an award under each category.

Key Participants

• Heads of organizations from water-intensive sectors
• Operational heads, managers from all industrial sectors
• Water consultants, maintenance engineers, production engineers
• Decision-makers from financial institutions, R&D, and educational institutions


• To learn about the best practices adopted from best performing companies.
• Facilitate adoption of similar projects at your units, leading to enormous saving
• An opportunity to interact & network with individuals and companies of repute


• Within the Fence: Within the Fence category is for the efficient water management practices within the Company with regard to specific water usage and innovative methods of reusing treated water
• Beyond the Fence: Beyond the Fence category is for the impressive work undertaken by industry with regard to empowering rural communities and augmenting natural resources, water.